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Benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a Mac Computer

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As computer infections, spy ware and adware and spyware still place their toll on PC users and Apple is constantly on the release fun and popular consumer devices that garner plenty of media attention, many people who use computers contemplate purchasing a Mac. As who owns a pc repair shop center that services both PC’s and Mac’s this author is within a distinctive position to describe the pros and cons of having a Mac versus. your personal computer.


Mac pc computers are less prone to infections and adware and spyware. This one thing may be the single greatest benefit to having a Mac and also the reason the reasons people who use computers decide to purchase a Mac. Whenever you possess a Mac computer you are able to rely on not receiving have contracted something contagious and getting to pay for a pc repair shop center either to cleanup or reload your Home windows computer.

Coolness factor. Let us face the facts, Mac’s are simply awesome– They’re styled a lot better than your personal computer plus they simply look wonderful. Many have back-lit keyboards, an Apple emblem that illuminates along with other awesome features that you won’t find on the PC.

OS X Operating-system. The Mac’s operating-system is dependant on Unix, which surpasses Home windows so far as security, features and operational ability are worried. Some of the most effective computers on the planet are operate on Unix based systems.


Apple includes a monopoly on Mac hardware. Besides the purchase cost around the Mac being much greater compared to PC, this implies that you are likely to pay big bucks for parts should you ever require a hardware repair. For instance while an energy supply for any PC generally costs around $50 many Mac power supplies cost up to $400.

Less accessibility to software. Although this area gets better most software programs are still created for laptop computer first after which Mac compatibility is added being an afterthought. Which means that a few of the software that you might want to run will not be accessible inside a version which will operate on the Mac.

Mac skills are less transferable in to the workplace than PC skills. Unless of course you’re employed within the graphics industry, just as one expert around the Mac most likely is not going that will help you much at school or work. Almost any business will probably be mainly operate on PC’s and PC skills will still be worth more for you in many jobs than Mac skills is going to be.

In conclusion, while both PC and also the Mac are great computers they’re possibly not equally so for those purposes. Even though many Mac users are extremely enthusiastic about the brilliance of the machines there’s also many areas where the Mac fails to deliver. Simultaneously there are several places that a Mac surpasses its PC counterpart and when your computers primary purpose is actually certainly one of individuals places that a Mac excels a Mac could be the right choice.

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